‘So you’re vegetarian? I’d never have guessed’ is the line I hear 99% of the time when I  confess to being the only vegetarian in room/party/course etc.

It always makes me worry that I don’t look like a vegetarian. But then I don’t know what a vegetarian looks like. In my social circle I know very few other true vegetarians. And those I do know I tend to refer to by their name, or what they do, or what they are like. Not what diet they follow. These lovely people are all active people leading normal lives, and dressing, well, normally.

Is there something I am not aware of that I should be wearing to make it obvious that I am vegetarian? Can someone point me (and my friends) to the vegetarian dress code? Does it need to be obvious that I am vegetarian?

Some people say I look too well to be a vegetarian (especially the French!). I know an awful lot of unwell/unwell looking meat eaters but I don’t mention it. Whatever diet you follow, if you don’t follow it well you too could look unwell.

For me being vegetarian is a lifestyle choice I made over 30 years ago. I love fast food, I don’t exercise enough and I don’t drink enough water, but I am happy with who I am and how I look.

I now find it hard not to smile when people say I look too well or don’t look like a vegetarian. I am considering starting to reply that I am part of an elite network of people whose sole objective is to keep carnivores from the evils of vegetarian food. It’s a sacrifice, but I’m up for it.