Time.  It can be one of those things you lose track of – especially over many years.

I joined the Vegetarian Society in my mid twenties.  Each quarter since then I have looked forward to the magazine arriving with news, reviews and great articles.  All helping me find my way as a lone veggie in the world, and giving me inspiration of recipes to try.

There is a section in the magazine where they look back at vegetarian news of the past., which I always find interesting. It helps me understand the history of vegetarianism and the changes in society and trends in food.  


I settled down to read the latest edition and was soon engrossed. I was reading about the latest tutors to join the cookery school when it suddenly struck me how long I had been a vegetarian for.  The overview of these tutors clearly stated how long they have been vegetarian. Most of them were at the thirty year mark.

Oh so about the same time as me then.  


This felt a bit weird.  I don’t know that many other vegetarians.  The ones I do know have only ‘recently’ become vegetarian and only one of them is close to the twenty year mark. One of my colleagues at work asked me the other day how long I have been vegetarian. When I told her she seemed surprised. She didn’t think people could have been vegetarian that long.

As much as I love getting the magazine and have the resources that the Vegetarian Society provides, I am no longer that ‘new’ vegetarian looking for answers that I feel like each time it arrives.  Time has both moved on and stood still. I am becoming one of the older generation. I have the experience and knowledge. I have seen the changes in vegetarian food fads (please no more halloumi!).  Should I be sharing this knowledge more?

Perhaps this blog is how I am doing that.


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