Do you ever walk into a hotel bathroom and think, ‘ooh this is nice – roomy, nicely decorated, shower and a separate bath!’?

And then you start to use it and wonder what the designers were thinking?

Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

A vast expanse of wall to use but the toilet roll holder is put somewhere where you can’t easily reach it (usually behind you). Toilets wedged in close to the shower for no apparent reason. 

Towel holders are on the other side of the room to the bath/shower, even though there is ample wall space to have them closer.  I love staying at Mal Maison – they have lovely rooms and their bathrooms always look and feel luxurious. They do fall down on easy to reach towel holders.

Sinks are frequently designed to look good, but not to use.  At Champneys I had a lovely looking sink, however it was so wide that it took forever to fill as it was so wide.    Often you get those deep, but small square or oval sinks, with taps which come out so far into the bowl that you can’t  wash your face without headbutting the taps or hitting them with your hands.

Then you get the taps that were not designed for the sink.  Taps that don’t reach far enough into the sink so that you can’t  wash your hands under running water.

When you re-do your own bathroom you probably spend ages looking at how best to maximise the space.  You have a good think about what you are going to need where, and how you will be using the space.

Is it me, or does this not seem to happen in hotel design?