About a month ago I was threatened on a private social media group for making truthful statements about a company I know of, but have not had direct dealings with.  My dealings with the company have been via a company I work for, and also information received from people who have had to deal directly with them.


In all circumstances the company have been bullish, made payments late, or not at all, threatened legal action, and have been unprofessional with their clients.  Following my comments I too was openly threatened with legal action and slurs made against my character.  I was also told that I had no evidence, without asking for the basis of my remarks.

Business Bully
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  On top of this I received private messages threatening the same legal action.


I stood my ground and eventually the person in question was blocked from the social media group (he had also sent messages to other members of the group threatening them with legal action for any comment against his company that was made)


So with that out the way I started to wonder how these bullies can be found out and dealt with.  This particular chap is a managing director of a company and also a County Councillor.  I wonder what those who had voted him in would think if they saw his quite viscous outburst.  His reaction on this social media site was not out of character for how he has spoken, and written to my friends.  I also knew that on his Facebook page he had put some quite racists remarks after the Brexit vote.


The fact that he gets away with this on so many occasion makes putting in an official complaint a daunting task, as you know deep down he will get away with it and you will be left to pick up the pieces and his wrath.


Luckily in this case he managed to get himself taken off a social media site, as his outburst was enough to make a few people aware of what a bully he is.  This would have had the knock on effect of him loosing out on work opportunities – the one thing he was threatening me legal action over because of my comments.  Although this feels like a small victory for me, I doubt it will make him change his ways.  Buyer and supplier beware for anyone else.