Does anyone remember the Third Rock From The Sun episode where Dr Dick Soloman arrives at a restaurant and tells the waitress that the pile of cash has has put on the table is the starting point for the tip.  For everything she does right the pile will be added to. And for anything that goes wrong cash will be taken from the pile?

It didn’t work out for theEuros coins change money in restaurant on metal tray paying meal check.waitress as Dr Soloman  became more pedantic and kept taking money away.  But it did get me thinking about was this a good way to think about adding value to your customers?

We set a price to complete a task or provide a service.  If we think of the extras we can bring to the job – adding in some extras, doing a bit more tidying of the accounts, databases, or filing than was  required, packaging the product well – this can then equate to a virtual pile of cash.  The client may be impressed at the attention to detail and the care you have put into the job.  The virtual pile of cash could appear in the form of further work from the client, or a referral.

So perhaps having an eye on the ‘tip’ money is a way to help you think about what added value you can bring to each client?